VeganMoFo Post#2

October 3, 2009

I’m still kind of nervous about this whole blogging thing,  I am iffy about everything from my not so great camera, my inability to make up my own recipes and my lack of time to write up brilliant posts.  Then I realized– this doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m not trying to get fame or notoriety-I just want to share my love of the wonderful world of food that has opened up to me. I think that’s why this month is such a great time to start blogging-starting in MoFo pretty much forces me to jump right in and go. If I didn’t have a deadline of sorts I would probably put it off and make excuses about how busy I am or how that picture is a little off.

Just to give myself some direction for the days when I am in need of inspiration I reorganized  my pantry and cabinets and made a list of things that really need to be used up. Some are foods I love and just forget about (quinoa, masa harina) and others, I’m at a loss for what to do with (coconut flour) so hopefully at the end of the month I will have used each of  these at least once!

  • masa harina ( love it but all the good stuff seems so time consuming!)
  • panella
  • barely malt powder (for something other than twinkies or bread)
  • glutinous rice flour
  • spring roll wrappers
  • nori
  • thin rice noodles
  • quinoa
  • wheat berries (I just thought sprouted wheat berry bread would be great…didn’t turn out so awesome for me)
  • black rice
  • coconut flour
  • hot chili oil
  • coconut extract (somehow I have three full bottles…)
  • unhulled and black sesame seeds (I always forget about these)
  • dried black eyed peas
  • pistachio pudding
  • barley

If you have any good ideas or favorite recipes with these, let me know!!


3 Responses to “VeganMoFo Post#2”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I think your attitude is perfect – just go for it! It’s not about perfection; as long as you care about what you’re writing, it’ll be worth reading, blurry picture or no. And I think it’s perfectly okay to post about other people’s recipes! That’s all I did when I started blogging. Eventually I began to experiment more with my own, but I always enjoy seeing other people’s results from cookbook/internet recipes that I’ve also tried. So – just have fun! 🙂

  2. Hey you’re doing excellently! My blog was relatively new when I participated in MoFo last year. It was a great opportunity for me to get some posts going and being that the MoFo’ers are such a totally awesome bunch of people I soon got my confidence up.
    I’m intrigued you have coconut flour! Didn’t even know there was such a thing. And three full bottles of coconut extract!!
    I can definitely see a coconutty flavoured something in your near future.

  3. Mo Says:

    Some ideas: fresh spring rolls and sushi could use up a handful of these ingredients. Blackeyed peas are great on their own. There’s also something called Texas Caviar that’s pretty good. I really like them with sweet potatoes as well. The masa harina could make gorditas. They are as simple as making a dough, flattening it into a disk, and frying. Then you stuff them with whatever you like.

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