The problem with sushi…

October 5, 2009

I used the tempeh recipe from V’Con and the rice and fillings were great, plus I added in some carrots, cucumber, and wasabi (because I only made sushi for the wasabi!) I highly recommend the tempeh recipe, and I think the rice is fairly standard, but I just didn’t love it. I guess maybe it’s because I was never much of a fish/seafood person, but the nori just doesn’t do it for me. I loved the filling, the rice, and the combination of textures but fishiness just kept overpowering everything else. I’ve seen the neat little flavored soy wrappers in the grocery store but I think they’re like a dollar per sheet, far beyond my budget. Maybe next time I should try onigiri, if nothing else it seems like a big fun mess, I’m just not sure how to manage a “filling” of sorts.

Anyway, it was fun to make and surprisingly easy. The only part that didn’t work out so well was the cutting…I guess my knives just weren’t sharp enough, I tried out a few different ones with no luck. Oh, and I even managed to roll a beautiful inside out roll only to have it squish into oblivion when I tried to cut it. Here it is in all its misshapen glory:

If you aren’t overly sensitive to the taste of  “the sea” and you’ve been scared to try your hand at sushi making, I say go for it, it’s easy to make and fun. Then again I’m always up for anything that lets me make a big mess.